Guide to Lighting

Pendant? Edison? Ambient? Who knew there were so many choices when it comes to lighting?


We’re breaking down these shady characters and making it easier than ever to update your interiors with just the flick of a switch.

Ceiling lights
Whether you go for a chandelier or pendant, ceiling lights add depth to any room. Choose either one statement shade or a few smaller styles grouped for maximum impact. Top tip: for trend-led lighting that’ll last opt for an Edison bulb.
Floor lamps
Taking just a little space but giving a lot back, floor lights work in all spaces. In a smaller room, pop in the darkest corner and watch it transform your layout. In a bigger area, place over a statement side board or your favourite arm chair and it’ll highlight it further.
Table lamps
Don’t restrict table lamps to desks, tie your interiors together with a statement piece on any surface. Bounce light around the room with a few lamps and mix and match the shades when you feel your space needs a refresh.