Hang a Bauble 2019

Support children with disabilities 



We’re supporting Enable Ireland to provide vital therapy and support services to over 8,100 children and young people with disabilities across Ireland. Disability can affect any family at any time and when it does, Enable Ireland is there to provide advice and support from the very start. With your help we can support them in making a difference.


Next time you’re in store, donate just €1 at the till to receive a bauble, hang it on our special Christmas tree and support children with disabilities in communities across Ireland. Add a little sparkle to our tree and support Enable Ireland. Go on, be a star.


Other ways to make a difference:



Christmas cards
Each pack of our Enable Ireland festive cards costs €5.99 with €3 from each pack going towards helping children with disabilities.


Bags of goodness
Our bags for life are making a difference to the environment and supporting children with disabilities with at least €0.25 from each large bag, and €0.20 from each medium bag going to Enable Ireland. 


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