Health kick must-haves for lots less.

After the chaos Christmas had on purses’ and waistbands (no regrets), Homesense is on hand to get you back on the health wagon. With tons of big brand mixers and food blenders in store for up to 60% less than the RRP, it’s the season for self-love. Pop in store and pick up a sparkly new appliance before you stock up on all things green.

Berry-tasty treat

January blues? Chia yourself up with this lip-licking recipe.

• 1¼ cup of light soy milk
• ½ cup of frozen loose-pack blueberries
• ½ frozen banana, sliced
• 2 tsp sugar or 2 packets artificial sweetener
• 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
• 1tsp chia seeds

Greens that won’t turn you green

January sniffles ruining your boxset marathon? Chuck these in a blender and Bob’s your uncle!
• 1 kiwi
• 1 banana
• ¼ cup of pineapple
• 2 celery stalks
• 2 cups of spinach
• 1 cup of water

Tropical tornado

Struggling to get going in the morning? Whip up one of these and you’re good to go.
• 1¼ cup of cold apple juice
• 1 ripe banana, sliced
• 1 kiwifruit, sliced
• 5 frozen strawberries
• 1½ tsp honey