The days of ‘finding yourself’ by stuffing rolled up clothing into a rucksack may be well and truly behind you, but that doesn’t mean you’re not fighting a daily internal battle of booking a ticket to sunnier climes. Opt for Mediterranean-inspired accessories to cure your wanderlust and salute summer - even when the temperature doesn’t follow suit!


The blaggers guide to a Mediterranean party

  1. Show your party guests what a culture vulture you are, by replacing chairs with embroidered cushions
  2. Bring the island vibes with candle-lit lanterns that line the path of your Riad/flat
  3. Whip out the olives in terracotta ceramics (preferably served by a hunky, sun kissed waiter)
  4. A wooden pestle and mortar makes the perfect center piece – no one needs to know that you’ve never used it before
  5. For the ultimate al fresco aesthetic, disguise your old flatpack furniture with a mosaic runner in sumptuous shades of blue and white
  6. Give your guests the gift of warmth. Blankets weaved with brightly coloured patterns should help them forget where they are
  7. Aperitivo. Always.


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