How to give the perfect present

It’s easy to buy a job lot of socks and call it a day, but a truly thoughtful present goes a long way! And we’ve got everything from bath goodies to foodie treats and big brand kitchenware – all at up to 60% less (and if all else fails – we’ve got gift cards, too!). So follow these three simple steps to giving the gift of true love this Christmas….

1.Make a list

Think about all of their interests and passions and scribble them down. Even little things like their obsession with blueberry muffins might lead to an idea… *cough* fancy cake tins *cough*


2.Get nostalgic

Cast your mind back to any funny memories or good times you’ve shared together – and see if that sparks your gifting imagination.


3.Go above and beyond

Put some time aside to find exactly the right thing. It might take a little longer, but rummaging around for the perfect gift is all worth it for the look on their beaming face. We promise!