Mothers Day March 2019


You’re 3 questions away from the perfect Mother’s Day gift


Psst – Mother’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re struggling for the perfect gift, answer these quick questions and we’ll tell you exactly what you should buy for her. We’ve got gifts for every mother figure, all at up to 60% less than the RRP!


1. You arrive home and ask “where’s mum?” – what’s the most likely answer?

a) In the kitchen whipping up a Mary Berry coconut sponge cake

b) In the garden planting herbs/pansies

c) Getting her nails done

d) At that local art exhibition


2. Who is she the most likely to start waxing lyrical about?

a) Kevin Dundon

b) Diarmuid Gavin 

c) Trinny Woodall – the fashionista of ‘Trinny & Susanna’

d) Picasso


3. What’s her idea of the perfect holiday?

a) Italy or France, probably. Somewhere with good food and wine.

b) Anywhere that’s full of nature and greenery!

c) A slick city break like New York

d) A long weekend in Vienna – soaking up the culture.

If she got....


Mostly a’s?

She’s a foodie, no doubt about it! Treat her to some of our snazzy tableware, gorgeous wooden serving boards or gourmet treats like truffle oil, olives and chocolates.


Mostly b’s?

She likes being at one with nature. Pop in for everything from gardening tools and plant pots to garden furniture and outdoor lanterns.


Mostly c’s?

She likes to be pampered! You’ll find big brand fragrances, quality bath salts and top-quality skincare right here in store.


Mostly d’s?

She’s a creative one. Why not treat her to one of our gorgeous art prints, quality paints or desk organisers?