Store Re Opening

Our stores in the Republic of Ireland are open again and we’re delighted to welcome you back. The safety of our associates, their families and our lovely customers is, and has always been, a priority for us at Homesense. So, we’ve made some changes to help support safe shopping in our stores.

We’ve focused on three key areas:

- Supporting personal protection practices for our associates in line with the latest government guidelines

- Implementing social distancing procedures

- Enhanced cleaning of our stores and sanitisation of equipment

Some of the changes we’ve made include making personal protective equipment available to our associates and providing opportunities for hand-sanitisation throughout the working day.  We’ve installed safety screens at our tills and are also managing the layout of our stores and providing work patterns to help allow our associates to maintain a 2m safe distance at all times. 

We’ve enhanced the cleaning of our stores and sanitisation of our equipment, and you will find a hand sanitisation station as you enter. We’ll also be asking you to pay by contactless payment if you can. The limit has been temporarily raised to €50 to make this more convenient for everyone.

Customer limits in stores and lifts

In accordance with the government guidelines, we will need to limit the number of customers shopping in store at any one time. We’re sorry if this means you have to wait a little longer to enter our stores. We also need to limit the number of people in our lifts at a time.

Store Hours

Some of our stores may need to temporarily adjust their opening hours. We encourage you to check our opening hours on the store locator on our website before you arrive. Please follow this link.

Returns & Refunds Questions

If you had any items to return while our stores were closed, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve extended our returns policy and you have another 30 days from the date our stores re-open to make your return. You can find our extended return policy here.

Customer Services

We’re happy to help you with any queries. Please note, our customer service team is working remotely, and it’s taking us a little longer to answer our calls. Email is currently the best way to reach us – full details of how to contact us can be found here.

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If you do have concerns and need to speak to us about our returns policy,
then please contact us at rather than trying to call.

Our customer service team is working remotely and although we can answer calls, it is taking us a little longer, so email is best.
You can also check our returns policy here