goodness of greenery

It’s the season for a little self-love – and there’s no better way to do that than with a dainty little succulent or a gorgeous bouquet of roses. After all, plants and flowers are proven to have a huge impact on our mental wellbeing. In fact, even faux flowers have the same effect – which is lucky for us because we sell them by the bucket load. Literally.

Pick wisely! The colour of the flowers you choose can have a big impact on your mood. Green is linked to safety – so lots of leafy plants creates a comfortable, calming environment. Ahhh.



Feeling stressed? (who isn’t!). Good news – just being in the presence of plants and flowers can help alleviate anxiety. Amazingly, artificial plants have the same effect (as long as they look truly real, of course).



Need a little inspiration? The visual stimulation of a gorgeous bouquet or plant can kick start your creative juices – they’re linked to enhanced imaginative thinking. Fun fact alert!