University - August 2019

You’ve cared for them, nagged at them, cried and laughed with them for the past 18 years, but the time has come for them to leave your home and set up their own. We know it’s tough, so let us help you shower them with love…ly college essentials and maybe some treats too, all for up to 60% less*. They’ll be cooking, cleaning and partying enjoying cosy nights in at their new digs before you know it. 

You won’t be there in theory, but you can be there in spirit by preparing them with everything they need to get by;
Cleaning products: Will they actually clean? Of course, they will
Picture frame: Add a photo of you here
Bedding: Reassurance they’re safe & warm
Clock: They’ll need an actual clock now you’re not around
Laundry bin: Admit it, you’ll miss emptying this